Preformed Pond - 3 sizes

A preformed pond is a quick and easy way to create a garden pond, that is durable and can attract frogs, newts, toads, dragonflies etc to your garden. The number of ponds has declined dramatically in the UK in recent decades, due to intensive farming. Adding a pond to your garden can help reverse the trend. The ponds are simply placed in a hole, once it has been dug, and filled with water. 

Manufactured from high density polyethylene.

There is three sizes to choose from; small, medium, or large.



  • Length: 85cm
  • Width: 62cm
  • Depth: 29cm
  • Max Pond Size - 85 litres


  • Length: 124cm
  • Width: 80cm
  • Depth: 34cm
  • Max Pond Size - 200 litres


  • Length: 163cm
  • Width: 122cm
  • Depth: 37cm
  • Max Pond Size - 420 litres

UK delivery included.

Delivery approx 1 - 3 working days.


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