Small wide plastic greenhouse

This wide plastic greenhouse is great for people with small gardens, balconies etc, that would like a warm growing area, where they can grow plants from seeds, protect plug plants from frost etc. It is quick and easy to erect, and also dismantle so it can be stored in a cuboard,  shed, or garage over winter. It also makes it easy to take it with you, if you are living in a rented property, so wherever you move to next, you will still have a small greenhouse space to use.

There is a zip closure, so it can be closed on cooler days, or left open on hot summer days, to lower the humidity and temperature. There is shelves on both sides, which are great for placing trays and pots on. It's surprising just how many plants you can fit in, and it can be used to grow tomatoes, peppers, lettuce etc during the summer. Placed alongside a wall that gets the sun is a perfect position.

Plastic cover

Metal frame with plastic connectors

Easy assembly and storage

4 shelves

Approx. measurements: 143 x 195 x 73 cm

UK delivery included.

(Delivery time is normally between 4-7 working days)




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