Chainsaw Sharpener

Chainsaw Sharpener

A great quality chainsaw sharpener. A chain grinder that will bring new life to your tired blunt chainsaw.

No need to remove the chain from the chainsaw to sharpen!

pro motor

It will sharpen most chain sizes ( 1/4, 3/8LP, .325, 375 and .404 chains of all gauges.)
The sharpener works best if bolted down to a bench and if it’s a big saw also blocked up to the correct height with wooden blocks.

Made in Italy.


WARNING - Never allow children to use this machine. Follow full safety instructions.

Machine; Chain Saw Sharpener for chain saw and electric chain saw. 
Models: 220Vac - 50Hz - 85W 
Grinding wheel dimensions: Oext.100mm(3.9Q"); thi. 4.5mm (0.175"),"ins.22mm(0.858") 
Attention; use original grinds guaranteed only up to 5.600 rpm. A 
Maximum speed: 4.500 rpm 
Sound pressure level : 75.0 /101 LpA/ LwA (dB(AJ) 
Level of Vibration transmitted to the handle : <2.5 aw(m/s2) 
Type of chains envisaged: pitches. 1/4" - .325" — 3/8" - .404" 
Weight of complete machine: 2,44Kg (5,46 pounds) 




UK delivery included. 


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