227 litre Water Butt Kit


This 227 litre water butt kit, is perfect for rainwater harvesting. It collects water from the drainpipe, that otherwise would flow away. It can then be used to water flowers and vegetables in the garden. If you live in a house that has a water meter, it can reduce the amount of water you use from your tap. Made in the UK from recycled plastic.

  • Holds up to 227 litres of water and comes complete with a hose connector tap.
  • Fitted with a spring operated child-safe lid.
  • The water butt is supplied pre-drilled, easy to install.
  • Rain Trap included to connect to almost any size of plastic down-pipe. (Fits standard 68mm, 80mm and 100mm round plastic downpipes and 65mm square plastic downpipes. Not suitable for cast iron down pipes.)
  • Includes a 3 part stand, so a watering can be placed on the ground, underneath the tap.

Dimensions - Height 99cm, with stand 126cm x Diameter 60cm

GREAT USE OF RECYCLED PLASTIC! The water butt is made from 100% recycled plastic and this comes from both consumer waste and industrial waste. For consumer waste, these are plastics which are collected at the kerbside by councils. The post industrial waste is things like scrap from plastic companies, old gas pipes when replaced by utilities companies, old wheelie bins, car bumpers, etc.).

UK mainland delivery included (excluding Scottish Highlands)

 Delivery time is approximately 7 days.

5 Reasons to Buy a Water Butt

 Save money if you have a water meter. Every time you fill a watering can from your water butt instead of from a mains tap, it means your water meter bill doesn't increase.
Easy access. Having a water butt in your garden means you can very quickly fill a watering can and water your plants. It's a lot faster, than having to go into a kitchen or utility room, which might mean having to carry the heavy watering can down steps.
Great quality water for garden plants. Unlike tap water, rainwater does not contain chlorine. It is also ideal pH, and lacks “hard” water minerals, additives, and conditioners, and has the presence of beneficial nutrients. It is a soft water, and is usually a warmer temperature, than water from the cold tap. Rainwater is perfect for plants.
Help the environment. The water butt is made from recycled plastic from household waste, old car bumpers etc. Creating useful products from waste plastic reduces the amount sent to landfill. If a lot of houses in an area have rainwater butts, it can help reduce flash flooding after a heavy storm, by lowering the volume of water flowing fast down drainpipes into gutters.
Made in Britain. British made, you will be supporting UK manufacturing jobs.





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