100 litre Water Butt Kit / Double 100 litre Water Butt Kit


A 100 litre water butt kit, made from recycled plastic. Perfect for small gardens and properties with narrow paths, where a wider, standard water butt might block the way. As well as house drainpipes it can be used to collect water from greenhouse and shed roofs. A double kit is also available, so you can collect 200 litres of rainwater. Its a great way of reducing water use from the tap, which can save money for properties with water meters. The water butt has a push-fit lid and standard hose connector tap, and a stand, so watering cans can be placed below the tap, to fill with water.

  • The Rain Diverter Kit fits standard 68mm (2.7") round and 65mm (2.5") square plastic downpipes. Not suitable for cast iron downpipes.
  • Includes Water Butt, three-part stand and Rain Diverter Kit
  • The double kit has 2 water butts, 2 three-part stands, and link & diverter kit
  • Pre-drilled with inlets and stoppers on both sides

Size of water butt - Height 94cm, Height with stand 121cm, Diameter 38cm


UK mainland delivery included (excluding Scottish Highlands)

Delivery time is approximately 7 days.






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