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Roundup garden weedkiller 'probably' causes cancer, says UN WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION study
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Getting ready for winter - Log Stores

Brrrr.. well not quite, as it hasn't been too cold so far, but as this video from last winter shows, things can get rather nippy. If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove and need a new log store, we sell two sizes, small and large. The small is perfect for a cottage and the large, ideal for a large home.Both can be ordered in the garden storage & tidy category.

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Composting Tips

Compost bins are always popular in the Autumn months, due to gardeners being confronted with loads of garden waste matter from dead plants, fallen leaves etc. Rather than throw it all away they decide to buy a composter, and make their own nutrient rich soil, which can be used in planters, raised beds, hanging baskets etc. sell both wooden and recycled plastic composters, in the 'Grow Your Own' section. The most popular is the 330 litre plastic composter, in either green or black, and available with or without a base. This composter is made from recycled plastic, from items such as old car bumpers, wheelie bins, and kerbside recyled household waste, such as drinks bottles. So it's a great use of used plastic, that otherwise might end up in a landfill site.


There is a few important tips to consider when making compost, to ensure the compost process works as quickly and cleanly as possible.

1. Don't add any kitchen waste, other than fruit and veg scraps. So NO meat, bones, cheese, yoghurt, fish, pet food, etc.

2. Your compost bin requires both green and brown waste. So as well as green waste such as grass clippings, and dead plants, you need to add things such as - sawdust, cardboard, straw etc. This will help create a good soil, and prevent the contents from getting overly mushy. Ensure the bin has a mixed content, rather than one type of material.

3. A good location for your composter, is an area of light shade. So the composter gets some warmth, but will not dry out.

4. If possible use a shredder to break down twigs, before adding to the compost bin, so they will decompose faster. 


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Recycled Plastic Water Butts & Composters

Single use plastic has been a hot topic in the news this year, after the general public were shocked at the devastation plastic is doing to our seas and marine animals, featured in the BBC Blue Planet documentary series narrated by Sir David Attenborough. There is now many plans and projects from both a government and charity level to reduce single use plastic use and recycle more.

If you are interested in protecting the environment you might be interested to know that all the water butts and the 220 litre and 330 litre composter are made from 100% recycled plastic. These useful garden products that can help save rainwater, and make rich nutritous soil from garden and kitchen waste, are made from plastic waste, that otherwise would be buried in landfill. The plastic comes from both consumer waste and industrial waste. For consumer waste, these are plastics which are collected at the kerbside by councils, such as your empty drinks bottles. The post industrial waste is things like scrap from plastic companies, old gas pipes when replaced by utilities companies, old wheelie bins, car bumpers, etc.). 


They are great examples of sustainably reusing resources. Useful and popular products from waste materials. They can be purchased in the Grow Your Own section.

water butt

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Complete Pond Kits

On our micro site we sell complete pond kits. Everything you need to set up a garden pond. The kits include a pond pump, a pond filter, pond underlay and liner, and pipes/clips.

There is various size pond kits available, to suit a range of garden sizes, from small to large.



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New garden buildings for 2018

Loads of new garden buildings are currently being added to the site, as finally we are past winter and into spring. If you have any questions get in touch, and if there is specific size you are after, that is not featured, please send a request, and we can let you know if that size is due to be listed, as there is all types of garden storage and sheds being added from 3 x 4 ft all the way up to 20 x 10 ft!

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Gardening Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are unsure what to get someone for Christmas, but you know they love their garden, then why not opt for a gardening gift? People seem to forget Christmas is just three months before the start of Spring and then there is seven months of the gardening season. A gift for the garden rarely disappoints. Here is 5 ideas for gift all £60 or under. All prices include UK mainland delivery.

100 litre compact water butt. £39 - Ideal for small homes with water meters. A practical gift for filling the watering can, it includes a water butt, diverter kit and plastic stand. 

Solar pond fountain with LED light - £57. This 250 litre pond fountain is powered by a solar panel, that recharges a battery. It can be used at night as well, and has an LED light to illuminate the fountain after dark.

Botanical print tote bag . £12 - A French Victorian botanical illustration on both sides. Four designs to choose from - Poppy, Cornflower, Carrot, Strawberry. Perfect for local shopping or for bring back veg from the allotment.

Brown metal tall planter. £43 - This planter is a nice addition to a patio or decking in front of a kitchen window. It can be planted with herbs, spring bulbs, summer annuals etc. 

Cast iron bird feeder. £19 - Available as a frog with an umbrella or a stork, as well as having a practical use as a bird feeder, they also make an attractive garden ornament.


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New range of Garden Gates

A new garden gates section has been added with quality wooden path gates and side entry / fence gates, in a range of styles.  All gates included UK mainland delivery and an Ironmongery kit, with hinges and latch. See the range here

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Wildlife Charity % Donation

During May (2017) 10% of the SELLING PRICE of all wooden garden products bought on this website will be donated to Wildlife conservation. So for example if a 4x3 shed is purchased for £199, then £19.90 will be donated at the end of the month to help wildlife conservation. Check this blog in June for news of the promotion.


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Water butt ideal for narrow alleys at the sides of houses

Water butts are a great way to save water, but for some home owners, the problem is a wide barrel is inconvenient, especially if the water butt is going to be attached to a down pipe that is on the side of a semi or detached house that has a narrow alley that adjoins the front and back gardens. The 100 litre water butt is a perfect solution. It is designed so it is tall and thin, leaving more space to get past it. It is also available as a double kit, so it holds a total of 200 litres, which is great for larger gardens. For more details and to order check out the 'Grow your Own' category.

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